1998-2011 Ford Ranger Torsion Bar Suspension Lift Kit DIY Tutorial

Ever wonder how to get a Torsion Key Lift installed on your truck? Afraid to try changing out your shackles? Fear no more! Cole Townsend created a DIY tutorial showing you how to do both using with one of our WULF Kits

In this video Cole and a friend walk you through how to achieve lift with our re-indexed torsion keys as well as change out your shackles.

Below are some after pictures provided by Cole not shown in the video.

Shortly after this video, thanks to Cole and friends, we created a Torsion Key Unloading Tool to assist with this process.

Have questions? Leave a comment and we will help!

WULF Suspensions Lifted Wolf Ranger

WULF Suspensions Lifted Wolf Ranger

WULF Suspensions Lifted Wolf Ranger

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