CAUTION on Rear Block Lift Kits for 2004+ F150

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CAUTION on Rear Block Lift Kits for 2004+ F150

We've seen a lot of sellers on eBay and Amazon are selling the 2004+ F150 Leveling Lift Kits and we noticed something very off with them...

Pretty much all of them didn't come with a taper or a bumpstop protrusion!

We did a little digging and found that nearly all rear blocks without the bumpstop and without a taper are coming from China. These me-too and copy cat companies aren't even copying correctly! We've also purchased some of these blocks to see what kind of quality people are receiving and noticed that the hollow blocks even had rust inside!

You can bet that those companies purchasing and stocking up on them did not know the importance of a bumpstop and a taper on rear lifts 2” and up. They’re also the ones selling you a 3”-3.5” front lift kit for your 2015+ F150 (4WD Model) as well. It sounds awesome, but your truck is going to ride like trash and all suspension components are going to wear out quick.

Quick info: Tapers or angled blocks are highly recommended on 2"+ rear block lifts in order to rotate your axle and reduce driveline stress from lifting your truck. The bumpstop protrusion is built so that your suspension has a place where it can "bottom out" which protects you from damaging your truck in case you hit a bump too hard. Normally on F150s, the bumpstop would hit the axle if you bottomed out, however with a 2"+ lift you end up shifting that point 2" lower. If you remove that bumpstop, you allow your axles shift into a territory that can warp or break other components on the truck.

Saving your money on a cheap kit that will over-lift your truck without the correct additional modifications will only make you spend all your savings on repairs. We're talking big repairs too! CV Axles, bushings, shocks, and even replacing control arms.

So long story short, make sure your rear blocks for your F150 come tapered and with a bumpstop protrusion. Also NEVER stack blocks. If you tow or use your truck on anything other than a smooth road, stacking is a DANGEROUS thing to do that’s just not worth it. It’s also illegal in many states for this reason. We want to protect American buyers, thank you for taking the time to read this and educate yourself on how important this is.

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