2004+ Ford F150 Rear Lift Block Educational / CAUTION Blog

When it comes to the 2004 and up Ford F150, it is all American. We love our Fords. So why do we see sellers on multiple platforms selling lift kits that don’t treat it like the American treasure it is?!!!

After some digging, we found too many sellers pushing rear blocks without the necessary bumpstop extension and block taper (angle). These companies aren't manufacturing the parts correctly. We purchased some of these blocks to see the quality people are buying and noticed several issues, but the main two we will cover here.

Those companies do not know the importance of a bumpstop and a taper on rear lifts 2” and up. They are trying to make a quick buck and it could cost you more over time. They’re also the companies selling a 3-3.5” front lift for the 2015 and up Ford F150 4X4; it sounds great, but your truck is going to ride like trash and the suspension components are going to wear quickly.

Tapered rear blocks are highly recommended on 2” and up in order to rotate the axle and reduce driveline stress from modifying the truck. The bumpstop extension is built into the block so the suspension has a place to 'bottom out’, which protects the vehicle from incurring damage should you hit a bump too hard or similar. Before modifications, the bumpstop will hit the axle if 'bottomed out’; however, after installation of 2”+ lift blocks that point is shifted approximately 2” lower. If you remove the block's bumpstop, the axle can shift into a spot that can warp or break other components on a very expensive truck.

Saving money by using one of these dirt cheap kits is NOT the way. Without the correct parts or additional modifications it will only cost more over time. Replacing CV Axles, bushings, shocks, and even control arms can be more frequent because of the additional stress and damage these missing parts can cause. We hate replacing parts because of entry level sellers in the industry. We are all about HASSLE FREE! Please buy the right parts.

We also want to note at this time: NEVER stack blocks. If you tow or use your truck on anything other than a smooth road, stacking is DANGEROUS and not worth it. Because of the dangers, many states have made stacking blocks illegal.

To sum up: make sure rear blocks for the 2004 and up Ford F150 come tapered and with a bumpstop extension. We want to protect our fellow truck / off-road enthusiasts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and educate yourself. If you have further questions or want to know about our Ford F150 kits, please message us: info@wulfsuspensions.com

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