Shock Installation - A Follow Up to the Ford Ranger Lift Kit Install

Don't be afraid of installing shocks!

Shocks are some of the easiest items to replace on your vehicle. Upgrading or replacing factory shocks gives you a more comfortable ride and better handling. In the case of the 1998-2011 Ford Rangers, if you lift your truck using a reindexed torsion key without installing extended shocks, you may not get the full amount of lift due to the factory shock holding back the lift (as explained on the video). New shocks are always a recommendation with a lift kit and we make sure we sell all of our shock kits specific for the lift amount purchased. With WULF Suspensions, you will always receive the correct length shocks with your kit!

Call us or message us today if you have any questions about this or if you're looking for a set of shocks for your lifted truck!

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