WULF Kit Calculator

We created a quick "Kit Calculator" to help visualize the numbers behind Ride Height, Kit Sizes, and Placement. Enter your vehicle information and choose one of the two store options to list items specifically for your vehicle. 



  • Dynamic Year / Make / Model / Drive Menu
  • Ride Height Display 
  • Difference to Level Calculator
  • Dynamic Store Functionality


  • Access the Kit Calculator "HERE"
  • Use the drop down menus to select your Year / Make / Model / Drive
  • Enter your ride height information. (View our guide on how to find your ride height "HERE")
  • Click "WEB STORE' or "EBAY STORE" where you will be directed to products for your vehicle.


Create a Copy 

  • Access the Kit Calculator "HERE"
  • Sign in to Google / Google Drive in the upper right hand corner 
    • (If you don not have a google account you may sign up for one "HERE")
  • ClickFile > Make a copy...

  • Click OK on the pop up dialog box
    Wulf Suspensions Kit Calculator Dialog Box OK
  • You now have a copy of the Kit Calculator to reference any time. 

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